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Fairmont Creekside Par 3

The standard hole size in golf is just over four inches, at our Fairmont Creekside Par 3, the holes are nearly double that circumference. Just think of the hole-in-one opportunities!

Fairmont Creekside

The accessibility of Fairmont Creekside Golf Course attracts a whole spectrum of players. Designed by expert golf architect Bill Newis, Creekside Par 3 opened in 2001 and has since been attracting beginners, families as well as seasoned golfers who wish to improve upon their game. Creekside’s longest hole is 145 yards (roughly a sixth of the length of the average course), providing beginners with a relaxed experience and giving a confidence boost for the skilled golfer.

You will find that the golf rules on Fairmont Creekside Par 3 is more lenient and there are no holds barred, here, we play for the fun of the game. We take pride in this pretty little course. Our immaculately maintained Par 3 golf course will make the nine holes breeze by in a flurry of fun.

At Fairmont Creekside Par 3 , the unique creek and pond system has an environmentally friendly natural filtration system – just one of the many features that make golfing at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort one of the most unique and unspoiled experiences in the Valley, call 250-345-6660 to book your tee time.

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