Headbanging Season in Radium Hot Springs

By Tourism Radium on October 11, 2022

The Village of Radium Hot Springs is known for the Bighorn Sheep that roam Village, especially in the fall and winter months. In the fall, onlookers can witness the sheep partaking in their rutting activities. The male bighorn sheep can be seen headbanging each other around the Village. Local legend has it that the headbanging can be heard throughout town. While it’s a very special thing to witness, why do the sheep do it, and where can people witness it?

What is headbanging?

In the fall, the Bighorn Sheep can be seen around town participating in their rutting rituals. But what is rutting? Rutting happens annually during the fall when the big horn sheep are in mating season. But what does that have to do with headbanging? Bighorn Sheep show dominance by headbanging each other, and those who show the most dominance will be the ones that will mate with the females.

Where can you see the headbanging?

There are no shortages of places to find the Bighorn Sheep in the Village! They love to chill at the Radium Springs Golf Course. They also enjoy strolling around Main Street and visiting the campers at Redstreak Campground. Though there is no one spot you can find them as they love to explore!

Safety Reminders

It is an incredible experience to witness the big horn sheep headbanging, but it is important to keep your safety in mind along the big horn sheep’s. If you witness them partaking in headbanging, please provide them ample space to move around by always staying at least 30 meters away.

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