Things to Do

The Village of Radium Hot Springs has activities for everyone, Radium is the perfect year-round destination to experience and find your peace.

Things to Do

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Experience our nearby national parks, discover the Purcell and Rocky Mountain Ranges, relax and rejuvenate with a day at the spa.  

In the winter months Sled Radium and discover epic mountain sledding and ski touring in the Forester Creek Area. Ski, Stay & Soak in Radium, and warm up in the Radium Hot Springs. Watch the Wetlands change before your eyes in the Spring. It’s a magical time for hiking, biking and birding. Unwind in the summer with a round of golf, enjoy a river float or for the more adventurous find the white-water right for you. Fall colours are magnificent; find your peace on a back roads adventure, or simply enjoy the wildlife.  

As you see there’s always something to discover in Radium Hot Springs.





Art & Culture

The Village of Radium Hot Springs and Columbia Valley is home to many wonderful and uniquely talented artists and a vibrant and lively arts and cultural scene.

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Health & Wellness

Finding Peace, relaxation, and wellness are an important part of life in the Village of Radium Hot Springs from a relaxing day at the spa or yoga session.

Set between the beautiful Purcell & Rocky Mountain ranges, The Village of Radium Hot Springs offers simple ways to reconnect with the natural world.  From the world famous hot springs to incredible golf courses to magnificent wildlife viewing and a labyrinth of hiking paths.  After a visit to Radium you’ll understand how Radium’s other half is Wellness.  

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Hot Springs

Come and enjoy the soothing mineral waters of the Radium Hot Springs!

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Jump in, cool down, or warm up!  We’re open year round.

When visiting the Columbia Valley, you'll discover 3 incredible hot springs all in pristine mountain or wilderness settings. 


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Places of Worship

Village of Radium Hot Springs Worship Schedules

Sign Queen of Peace

Stations of the Cross Family Summer

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Radium Christian Fellowship

#4, 7553 Main St West Radium Hot Springs +1(250) 347-9937

Worship Service: 10:00 AM Every Sunday 

Pastor Wayne & Linda Frater +1(250) 342-6633

Roman Catholic Church  

St Joseph Church Canadian Martyrs' Paris  - 7528 Main St. East Radium Hot Springs 

Worship Service: 11:00 AM Every Sunday 

Father Gabriel +1(250) 342-6167

Windermere Valley Shared Ministry Anglican - United 

All Saints Church - 4829 Cordillera Ave Edgewater 

Worship Service - 9:00 AM 1st & 3rd Sunday of each Month

Reverend Laura Hermakin +1(250) 342-6644

Columbia Valley Worship Schedules 

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - 5014 Fairway Dr, Fairmont Hot Springs 

 Worship Service 10:00 AM Sunday - Relief Society 11:15 

President Adam Pasowitsy - Columbia Valley Branch +1(250) 341-5792

Lake Windermere Alliance Church  - 326-10th Ave Invermere 

Worship Service - 10:30 AM Sunday 

Pastor Trevor Hagan +1(250) 342-9535

Roman Catholic Church

Canadian Martyrs' Parish  - 712 - 12th Ave Invermere 

Worship Service 5:00 PM Saturday & 9:00 AM Sunday 

Father Gabriel +1(250) 342-6167

St. Anthony Mission - Corner of Luck & Dunn Street, Canal Flats

Worship Service 4:30 PM - Saturday

St. Peters Lutheran Mission of Invermere  - 110 - 7th Ave Invermere 

Worship Service 1:30 PM Sunday 

Pastor Rev. David Morton  +1(250) 417-5017

Valley Christian Assembly - 4814 Highway Drive, Windermere 

Worship Service 10:00 AM Sunday 

Pastor Murray Wittke +1(250) 342-9511

Windermere Valley Shared Ministry Anglican - United  

Reverend Laura Hermakin +1 (250) 342-6644 

Invermere 110-7th Ave Invermere 

Worship Service 10:30 AM Sunday 

St. Peters Church - Windermere Stolen Church  - 4703 Kootenay Street Windermere 

Worship Service 7:00 PM 2nd Sunday of the month June through August

7:00 PM Christmas Eve Service  

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Stay & Play Packages

Visitors to the Village of Radium Hot Springs will quickly discover that there are many options for stay and play packages here, from hotel to condo, motel to resort.

Our Stay & Play Recreation Packages are a great value for visitors looking to explore the Valley, and have an incredible experience at an affordable price.












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