Vacationing in Radium

By Tourism Radium on April 25, 2019

On Vacation ….. A day in Downtown Radium!


We baited the kids with the promise of ice cream on our first journey to the streets of town and now they associate a stroll here with treats. From an adult perspective it’s no different and when you’re on holidays, hey, that’s what you do; you allow yourself to enjoy the place.  Coffees in the morning are hard to resist and a surprisingly good selection of souvenirs for such a small place have us laughing and thinking of all the people you could give a pair of moose pajamas to.  We pick up a perfectly intact board game of Monopoly at the thrift store for $3 and we promise to play it with our 8 year old after swimming.

Free and abundant parking separate Radium from many other resort downtowns. It’s not a big place but it’s kind of nice to have everything you need right there.  We decide to venture to the Stations of the Cross walk right above the town. It’s a well-done display, if nothing else, which shows the crucifixion story of Jesus Christ in a series of stations in statue form. The area is maintained by the nearby Catholic church.

From the Stations we stroll to the Visitor Centre where both Parks Canada and Chamber of commerce employees cater to the questions of thousands of tourists a year. It’s a good spot for kids as there are several interpretive stations that educate and entertain at the same time.

The sidewalks of Radium are quite pleasant and easy to walk.  The light posts are adorned with flowers and flags and based in landscaped stones. It doesn’t take long to get from one end to the other but the outside market provides a good distraction. Local artisans display their works and even more treats are bought.

Our final destination is the mini golf course up the canyon. As far as difficulty and aesthetics go, the mini putt course has got some game. After stopping for an authentic Mexican meal in the shared building we buy a round and find the challenge quite amusing. The sheep wander through the streets beside us in the middle of our round and no matter how many times we see these majestic animals we can’t help but exclaim at their presence. 

After the golf we finally deliver on our ice cream promise and we take in the sunset with a few others who are doing the exact same thing. We marvel at all the people taking pictures of the sheep. Eventually we leisurely make our way back down the hill to our motel.  15 minutes later we’re packing our swim bags for a quick dip in the hot pools. If that doesn’t tire them out, then we’ll have to make good on a round of Monopoly. Such is life on vacation.


  1. We are looking forward to being there in person in a couple of weeks to see all the beautiful shops, flowers, and activities. Thank you for all the great picture words. You must be a great writer and story teller.

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