Shady Trails for Hot Days

By Tourism Radium on June 28, 2021

The mercury is rising, UV index is high, and you’re looking for somewhere shady to enjoy the outdoors. Take to the trees to enjoy respite from the sun! Here are four hikes you can enjoy in any weather, including those steamy days.

Start at the west trailhead, and you’ll instantly feel the temperature drop as you descend the stairs. Take a right to view the waterfall and feel the breeze from the rush of the water. Cross the bridge and head up through open forest along the edge of Sinclair Canyon.
Distance: 3km one way

Sinclair Creek
Walk the shady gravel path alongside the streaming Sinclair. It’s an off-leash dog park, too, so let your furry friend wade in the waters for a refreshing break.
Distance: 2.5km loop

Redstreak Campground Loop (hot springs trail)
Start near the H loop of the campground or near the hot springs entrance to stroll a cool, damp trail. It’s a wonderful walk on a hot day, situated so the sun rarely peaks through the mossy slopes and towering trees. Stop for a snack at the Place of Silence Peace Park to enjoy the solitude.
Distance: 2.3km one way

Lower Bugaboo Falls
Perfect for families, Lower Bugaboo Falls is a short, easy hike with a great reward! The trail gently takes you through the forest to a powerful waterfall originating from water high up in the Bugaboos. Please stay on the trail and watch your footing. While on the road, visit Beeland and Spilli Station Café located a bit further down Highway 95.
Distance: 1.5km one way

Photo Credit: Chris Skinner, Playwest

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