Save the Sheep

Save the Sheep

The Bighorn Sheep Herd in Radium Hot Springs are beloved by both residents and visitors of the community.

Radium’s Bighorn Herd needs your help. Radium Hot Springs loves its famous local residents, the Bighorn Sheep. Sadly, the last few years have seen the decrease in sheep population due to sheep-vehicle incidents. Once at 250, the herd’s numbers dropped to 120 in Fall 2021. Between late November and mid-January, 10 more sheep have been killed by vehicle impacts in and around Radium – the majority on the Radium hill south of the Village. A number of others were hit by vehicles but able to scramble away, leaving them injured or worse. One driver ended up in hospital.

This cause can be supported by donating to the fundraiser, purchasing fundraising hoodies, t-shirts, and stickers or following the Help the Radium Bighorn Herd page to stay up-to-date.

Signs at the entrances to the Village of Radium remind drivers to drive with caution and watch for Bighorns on the road.

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