A Cozy & Relaxing Weekend in the Village

By Tourism Radium on February 28, 2022

Escape to the quiet mountain town of Radium Hot Springs to see some winter sights in a relaxed weekend experience.


Ahh. You’ve made it to your accommodation for the weekend and officially hit vacay mode. Walk over to Radium Brewing for a pint. Hungry? The Snack Bar and Wildside Pizzeria are right next door. Order ahead and bring your food into the local craft brewery.


Winter mornings are particularly beautiful and fresh here in the Village. Rent a pair of snowshoes and take a stroll along the Valleyview Lookout trail and in nearby Kootenay National Park. Bring your camera and keep your eyes out for bighorn sheep who frequent the trails and meadow above the village.

Elevate your relaxation with a visit to Elevation Massage & Spa, located in the Prestige on Main Street. It is a full-service spa offering massage, body treatments, manicures and pedicures, and more.

No trip to Radium is complete without a visit to the Radium Hot Springs pools. Relax in the 100% natural mineral water that flows in from the mountains.

With little light pollution in the area, the night sky in and around Radium is spectacular. Take binoculars (or a telescope) and download a night sky app. Walk onto the Springs Golf Course or head up the Redstreak Campground hill to the lookout. Then be amazed by the endless sparkle of stars.


Engage with the rich ingredients of nature on a guided forest therapy walk. You will find how powerful the relationship is between your senses and the forest as you slowly make your way across the land.

Heading east to go home? Stop at Marble Canyon in Kootenay National Park for one last dose of Vitamin Nature. It’s a short walk above the canyon. The contrasting colours of water, rock, and snow along with the sound of water below will leave you with a deep sense of peace.

To stay fuelled throughout the weekend, visit the restaurants in town providing a variety of fare: German-Austrian, Mexican, classic pub, and breakfast favourites.

Despite the snow and chilly temperatures, a relaxing winter weekend in Radium will leave you with warm memories.

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