3 All Season Hikes in Radium Hot Springs, BC

By Tourism Radium on November 14, 2019

There’s nothing better than staying in a British Columbia mountain town that is well-connected to incredible places to hike year round. Here is a list of three examples that can be found in Radium Hot Springs, BC.

Photo: Kootenay National Park/Zoya Lynch

Kootenay National Park

Explore the short trails and viewpoints in Kootenay National Park. Year-round favourites include Marble Canyon, the Paint Pots, and Dog Lake.

Radium’s nearby National Park playground, Kootenay National Park offers a pristine, mountainous space from the Western edge of Banff National Park to the Western edge of the Canadian Rockies.

Like its adjoining “sister parks” (Banff and Yoho), Kootenay National Park offers trails galore, wildlife, incredible viewpoints and fascinating historic points of interest.

One nature-loving feature, which distinguishes this park from its neighbours – is that Kootenay National Park is town-free within the Park’s boundary. What does this mean? A landscape that truly connects visitors back to nature.

For those that feel comfort in a town’s amenities, Kootenay National Park has it all being only steps away from the village Radium Hot Springs. All the amenities, shopping adventures and culinary goodness are available year-round.

A traveller’s favourite is Kootenay National Park’s natural hot springs, the Radium Hot Springs Pools. There really isn’t a more relaxing way to enjoy a National Park visit than soaking up the warmth and natural minerals found in these historic springs.     

Fore more information about Kootenay National Park day-use and the Radium Hot Springs Pools (owned and run by Parks Canada) click here.

The Old Coach Trail

Offering gorgeous views of the Columbia River, the Old Coach Trail runs 9 km between Dry Gulch and the Village of Radium Hot Springs.

Family-friendly and camera-ready – this trail is an ideal way to enjoy the beauty of the Columbia River Wetlands. Each season offers a different feel with a constant picturesque backdrop of mountains and scenic bends to the Columbia River.

Even if you aren’t a history buff, the local stories of the trail’s use over thousands of years will impress everyone. Walk or bike, everything you need to know about The Old Coach Trail can be found here.

Sinclair Canyon Trails

Another great option if you’re seeking views that will make you smile.

The Juniper Trail connects hikers to Sinclair Canyon’s West side, and the Sinclair Canyon Trail (a more complex terrain) will put you on the Canyon’s East side.

Several more joining trails provide access to Redstreak Campground and offer short hikes that will delight.

If you’re seeking to get the best views of Sinclair Canyon, these trails are for you.

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