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Publications, Find your way around Village of Radium Hot Springs and Mountain Parks using the Tourism Radium Publication and Experience Mountain Parks. These two publications will surely make your vacation planning easier.


Radium Hot Springs Publication

Discover everything the Village of Radium Hot Springs has to offer in the 2019 Radium Publication from great dining, accommodation, adventures and more. Go on a back roads adventure, learn about our wildlife, and plan your annual camping trip. Everything you need to plan your next trip to Radium Hot Springs is right at your finger tips.

Experience Mountain Parks 

Experience the Mountain Parks (EMP) was launched by CMI Publishing in the summer of 2005. It is rooted in the Parks Canada Mountain Guide, a project we helped develop and co-publish from 1997 – 2005.

EMP is an annual visitors’ guide designed to function both as a lure piece, to entice readers to come to the mountain parks, as well as a companion guide for those travellers enroute, or already visiting the region. It is the ONLY guide that covers all seven of the mountain national parks. This includes detailed maps of each park, several town sites within the parks, as well as important vehicular corridors such as the Icefields Parkway.

Our primary audience is family women in the 25 – 55 age range. To best meet their needs, the layout is clean and well organized. Our editorial is specifically selected to be informative and educational. One feature story each year is devoted to trumpet a woman’s contribution to mountain culture in western Canada. 

EMP is readily available at all Travel Alberta, Destination BC, and many Community Visitor Information Centres including the Radium Hot Springs Visitor Centre within and near the region. “Experience” has been a valuable tool for front line staff within Info Centres when they counsel visitors new to the area. Travellers will also find it conveniently displayed in our green metal racks at hotels, motels, RV Parks, attractions as well as the Calgary International Airport.

Our companion web site, features a Digital Library contains a mobile edition of the current and many of the past issues of EMP. It also hosts CMI’s other maps and magazines, as well as several of our clients’ visitor guides. Our mobile-friendly editions are nimble eBooklets – easy and quick to download. They recognize the reader’s device to provide a superior reading experience. And they allow you to seamlessly share your discoveries with your family & friends via social media and email.