Make the Most of Your Visit to the Radium Hot Springs pools This Winter

By Tourism Radium on November 22, 2021

© Parks Canada / Zoya Lynch

After a day spent adventuring outdoors in the snow, imagine warming up with a soothing soak in the Radium Hot Springs pools. Surrounded by snowy rockface, the iconic Radium Hot Springs pools are a beloved attraction in the Village of Radium Hot Springs. While it is a long-time favourite stop for summer travelers, some would argue that it is even more stunning in the winter. We want to help you get the most of your trip to the hot springs pools so that you can enjoy every moment! 

Did you know? The Radium Hot Springs pools are located in the southern end of Kootenay National Park. If you are only planning to soak in the hot springs, you don’t need a national park pass. If you’re planning on exploring the national park by going for a hike or stopping at a viewpoint, you’ll need to purchase a national parks pass from the Radium Visitor Centre or a park gate.  

The Radium Hot Springs pools are first-come, first-served. The hot springs have a maximum capacity of 200 people within the facility. Wait times vary and are generally longer on weekends, statutory holidays, and school holidays. 

Hours of operation. The hours of operation at the Radium Hot Springs Pool may vary. Be sure to check the official Parks Canada webpage for up to date information about the Radium Hot Springs operations.

Fuel up before you soak. It’s important to eat and drink before you go to the Radium Hot Springs pools as food and beverages (excluding water) are not permitted within the facility. Indulge in a great meal in the Village of Radium by stopping by a local café, pub, or restaurant before you soak. There are no restaurants at the Radium Hot Springs pools. 

How hot are the Hot Springs pools? The water temperature in the hot pool ranges between 37 and 40 degrees Celsius, or 98 and 104 Fahrenheit. Air temperature and day-to-day weather can make the water feel warmer or cooler while you are soaking.  

Know what to bring. Dress appropriately for the weather and expect to wait outdoors during busier periods such as weekends, statutory and school holidays. Bring a swimsuit, towel, water bottle, and mask. Eat a snack or meal before you head to the Radium Hot Springs pools as food is not permitted within the facility. A locker token is included in single entry fees giving you a safe place to store your belongings. During the winter month, the pool decks, outdoor washrooms and outdoor picnic area are closed.  

© Parks Canada / Zoya Lynch

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