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The Radium Woodcarver

Radium Woodcarver

The House of a Thousand Faces is permanently closed. 

The Radium Woodcarver; if you’re looking for a most unique experience, stop in, have a look and meet the Columbia Valley’s most colourful resident and artist.

The Radium Woodcarver will amaze you with a spectacular array of carvings, from the smallest to the largest, they all have their own distinct character. His woodcarving have been seen by people around the world and he was featured on the popular TV series “Weird Homes”. You’ll have to come and see for yourself … It’s worth the trip!

Upon entering the Village of Radium Hot Springs from Kootenay National Park, you will immediately notice a number of life-sized wood carvings on the roadside. This is the studio of the Radium Woodcarver, local artist Rolf Heer who carves from stumps, driftwood or any other kind of unique wood found in the Columbia Valley.

Many of the Radium Woodcarver’s sculptures are done by a unique carving tool – the Chainsaw!

The Radium Woodcarver has two pet goats that live on the roof of his house and Craft Shop. Complete with all the amenities, their own “goat chalet”, a green meadow, all a goats heart desires, Rolf’s roof provides it all.

He lives and does much of his artwork in the Village of Radium where he is as well known for his chainsaw sculptures as he is for his unique multi-coloured hair and style of dress.

Rolf was born April 7, 1954 in Austria, and moved to Radium Hot Springs in April of 1979 where he quickly laid down roots in the community. Rolf built The House of a Thousand Faces, a hand carved building in Radium Hot Springs where he lived, made and sold his carvings, hosted parties, and toured guests. Rolf and his house were landmarks in Radium and the Columbia Valley, and have gained notoriety from visitors around the world.
After a fire completely destroyed Rolf’s iconic House of a Thousand Faces on November 22, 2018, Rolf started making plans for the landmark property to be transformed into a public park. Now that Rolf has passed, the Radium Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce will fundraise to complete this legacy project. A GoFundMe page has been set up to accept donations to support the creation of the park.

On June 21, 2020, the town of Radium Hot Springs said goodbye to Rolf. The Radium Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce is working to fundraise for a future park on Rolf’s land. To donate, visit our GoFundMe page here. 

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