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RK Heliski

RK Heliskiing allows you to experience the glory of the alpine, exploring peaks and beautiful meadows.

RK Heliskiing

RK Heliski has been sharing the magic of the Purcell Backcountry with skiers and snowboarders from far and wide.  The RK Heliplex, home base of operations, is perfectly situated at Panorama Mountain Village, a short 20 minute drive west of Invermere British Columbia.  This location allows for easy helicopter access to the seamlessly unending glaciers and perfectly spaced treed runs… and all that glorious powder, Classic Canadian Heli Skiing.  

RK Heliski escorts you to the backcountry to enjoy wondrous alpine flowers and peak upon towering peak. Bring your camera; this is where pictures are made perfect.

Daily Heliskiing & Heliboarding Packages

RK Heliski is a great place to discover the endless powder of heliskiing and heliboarding. We offer both a daily 3 Run Package and a daily 5 Run Package to accommodate people looking for a single day powder adventure. We gear our 3 Run Package to more intermediate or beginner heli-skiers. If it turns out that 3 Runs are not enough, extra runs are available

Helicopter Sight Seeing & Heli Fondue

Take a spectacular flight over the legendary Purcell Mountains. Massive peaks, ancient glaciers and endless vistas will leave your family speechless. We offer 3 main tours to guests. The Sneak Peek Tour, The Delphine Classic Tour and Heli-Fondue.

Introducing Heli-Hockey & Heli-Skating!

We’ve built a rink on Shamrock Lake at 8300ft and we’re ready to introduce the Alpine Ice Series.  This is both Heli Hockey and Heli-Skating at its finest.  The sound of your blades cutting into a high alpine lake is one that you will never forget.  The Shamrock Lake Rink is perched upon a granite balcony high above Delphine Creek and trembles below Delphine Glacier.

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