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Radium Hot Springs Pools

Soak and relax in the Radium Hot Springs Pools.

Radium Hot Springs Pools
Craig Douce photo

Relax in the Radium Hot Sprigs Pools while gazing up at the rock cliffs of Sinclair Canyon from the spacious mineral hot pool and see if you can spot one of the big horn sheep that makes this canyon home.

The Radium Hot Springs Pools are family friendly facility offering plenty of space to relax and play, with a large hot pool, a surprise plunge and a 25 meter cool swimming pool there is something for every member of the family. 

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Plan to visit often. There is so much to enjoy;

  • On site Pleiades Spa and Wellness where you’ll find a personalized intimate surrounding designed to ensure you receive comfortable individualized attention through our professional licensed therapists.
  • Onsite annual stained glass art show & sale
  • Bighorn Sheep viewing on the slopes above the Radium Hot Springs Pools 
  • Explore the trail to Redstreak campground or take a stroll along the Juniper trail to see the canyon from top to bottom.


 History on the Radium Hot Springs Pools

  • Pre 1840s First Nations people considered the hot springs a spiritual place and used the water as a source of rejuvenation and healing. 
  • 1841 Sir George Simpson, the governor of the Hudson’s Bay Company, made the first recorded visit to the springs. He bathed in a gravel pool just big enough for one person.
  • Late 1800s The first permanent settlers came to the area and the springs became more popular.
  • 1890 Roland Stuart, an Englishman, purchased the springs for $160.
  • 1914 Construction of a concrete bathing pool, log bathhouse, small store and a home for the caretaker.
  • 1922 The Government assumed ownership of hot springs and it was included in a newly established Kootenay National Park.  
  • 1927 Construction of a new bathhouse and expansion of the pool. The building is a Classified Federal Heritage Building.


The Heritage Character Statement

  • 1949  Construction of the Aquacourt building begins and is completed in 1951.
  • 1968 A new hot pool replaced the original 1914 pool and a collection system for all the hot springs sources was installed.
  • 1997 Major renovations begin with new reception area, gift shop, upgraded change rooms, and hot/cold plunge pool.
  • 2001 Radium Hot Springs celebrated the 50th anniversary of the building of the Aquacourt with special events all summer long!
  • 2002 A new spa opened offering health oriented services to visitors.
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