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Luxor Corrals at Spur Valley

Luxor Corrals Luxor Corrals at Spur Valley offer guided trail rides on friendly well trained horses and mules, suitable for beginner and the most experienced riders.

The team at Luxor Corrals at Spur Valley work hard to match riders with mounts, for the best trail ride experience possible. Luxor Corrals is located near Radium Hot Springs, in the beautiful Columbia Valley

Luxor Corrals recommended attire:

Luxor Corrals recommends wearing long pants, and shoes with a heel. They do have a small selection of riding boots for those who need them. Luxor Corrals also offers riding helmets, though they’re not mandatory unless the rider is under 15 years of age. Sunscreen is always a good idea. If you wear a hat, make sure it is very secure – you don’t want the wind blowing it off and spooking the horse behind you.

Luxor Corrals at Spur Valley offers a wide range of trail rides, from one hour to half day, even overnight rides. They also host a variety of events throughout the season.

How to get to Luxor Corrals at Spur Valley

From the roundabout in Radium, drive north on highway 95. Luxor Corrals are approximately 18 km (10 – 15 minutes) away, about 7 km after passing Edgewater, on right is a blue/white sign reading “Luxor Corrals Trail Rides”.

Turn immediately right onto the gravel road. Continue on gravel 1/2 km until you see the driveway.  

  • Trail Riding/Touring