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Lake Windermere District Rod and Gun Club

Lake Windermere Rod & Gun Club!

Lake Windermere Rod & Gun ClubBased in Invermere, BC and serving all of the Columbia Valley, the Lake Windermere Rod & Gun Club been in operation more than 90 years.



The Lake Windermere Rod & Gun Club is a conservation-minded organization dedicated to the preservation of our natural environment and the promotional of outdoor recreation activities. Together with the BCWF, we have been influential in many conservation efforts and in the protection of outdoor recreation for the average British Columbian. We offer an amazing variety of programs and facilities for adults and children, including archery, trap shooting as well as clay target and handgun shooting.

Lake Windermere Rod & Gun Club – Archery

The Lake Windermere Rod & Gun Club has youth and adult recurve bows, arm guards, and arrows for members’ use. Wednesday night archery both indoor – first Wednesday in November till last Wednesday in March at the Invermere Community Hall 7 pm till 9 pm, and outdoor – first Wednesday in April till last Wednesday in October 6pm till dark at the range have continued to be popular amongst our local archers.

This past year the outdoor 3D range was rearranged to allow one 12 target course to the south of the rifle range and another 11 target course on the north east corner of the property with both courses now situated within our property borders. The natural terrain features on both courses allowed for interesting and challenging shots. 

Lake Windermere Rod & Gun Club – Fishing
Our fishing program includes recreational opportunities with members and conducting seminars for both club and non-members. The Lake Windermere Rod & Gun Club also maintains an ice fishing hut on Lake Windermere during the winter months for member use only.

Lake Windermere Rod & Gun Club – Shot Gun Sports 

The Lake Windermere Rod & Gun Club has facilities for trap, skeet, 5-stand and sporting clays although not all disciplines can run concurrently. The shotgun range is normally open Sundays from April through November commencing at 10:30am for June, July and August and at 1pm for the remaining months. The usual format for Sundays is 5-stand as a round of 5-stand can be completed in a reasonable amount of time and also provides good target variety, not only due to the nature of the sport, but also because the course arrangement each Sunday is different. Trap and skeet are held occasionally according to demand. A small number of shoots are held during the evenings during the summer. The full sporting clays course with 14 to 16 stations is normally set up only for major competitions or for certain rentals. Three major competitions are held annually including Elmer Fudd in early May, Radium 333 in late June and Bugaboo Blast at the end of August. A partial sporting clays course can be established at the north end of our range and is used for certain of the Mini-Competitions. Other Mini-Competitions, usually during the winter months, use the 5-stand format.

For Lake Windermere Rod & Gun Club membership details, please visit our website. 

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