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FlyingMax, for the love of extreme adventure in the Columbia Valley for over 15 years! From tandem flights to instruction FlyingMax does it all!

The FlyingMax Disclaimer

“Paragliding is HIGHLY addictive and might result in STRONG DEPENDENCE TO THE SPORT…”

Discovery Flights with FlyingMax

Fly like a bird from Mt Swansea!

Enjoy the views of the Purcell Mountains in the west and the Rocky Mountains in the East. We will fly from Mt. Swansea into the Columbia Valley overlooking Lake Windermere and the Columbia River Wetlands.

Tandem Flights on Skis!

Skiing at Panorama Mountain Resort? If so, have a break skiing and join FlyingMax on a tandem flight to learn in how to ski & fly on the ski hill.

Ultralight Discovery Flights

See the world as only the privileged few have seen it, from the air in an open cockpit with FlyingMax!

Discover flying over the beautiful Columbia Valley, Lake Windermere, Columbia Lake, all bordered by the spectacular Rockies.