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Edibles Cafe

Edibles Cafe Edibles Cafe; Homemade and Homegrown in the Columbia Valley Delicious, Real…

Edibles Cafe is surrounded by the greenery of Winderberry Nursery.  At Edibles Cafe, they honour the earth and our farmers with their commitment to using organic ingredients, sourcing humanely-raised and hormone-free meat, and cooking with the bounty of fresh vegetables that come directly harvested from our on-site Edibles Farm. Edibles Cafe is proud of their ability to harvest, create, prepare, cook, and serve a meal from produce grown on site, adding other locally sourced ingredients when they need to.

When visiting Edibles Cafe indulge in a scrumptious bite of baking. Let yourself be lulled into relaxation with the sound as the water fountains trickle. Sit back with a specialty coffee, and get your taste buds dancing with one of our feel-good fresh lunch menu choices.

Take Out Time! At Edibles Cafe

Don’t feel like cooking dinner? Edibles Cafe has take home freezer meals. Edibles Cafe will provide you with healthy options to feed your family. Including lasagna, pot pies and various soups.

Edibles Cafe is a seasonal business; the doors are open and  they are happy to help all customers on April 1. The Edibles Cafe teams will close their doors Thanksgiving Weekend in October and head for the office to start planning and preparing for next season.

Edibles Catering! Creative Customized, Mouthwatering, Gourmet

Want someone to cater your party, event or celebration? Edibles Cafe and Catering will bring you a creative, tasty menu that will be sure to make your event successful and please your guests. Fun seasonal appetizer menus are available upon request.

About Edibles Cafe Catering

Food has this magical ability of bringing people together like no other.

Their Chef, Randy MacSteven has 15 years catering experience in the Columbia Valley, and is ready to help you make your event a memorable one! Along with their event Chef’s and staff you are sure to be presented with inspiring food creations, concentrated on seasonal menus rooted in farm to fork practices.