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CMI Publishing Experience Mountain Parks

CMI Publishing, we specialize in the production and distribution of user-friendly visitor guides to the mountain parks of BC and Alberta.

CMI Publishing

CMI Publishing Creates: Experience the Mountain Parks, Explore Kananaskis Country, the Ghost Area and Fish Creek Provincial Park, and The Jasper Map


CMI Publishing is a division of Complete Marketing Inc. Based in Calgary, Alberta, we serve the local as well as the international travellers who come to experience the history, culture, landscapes and nature that are unique to Alberta & British Columbia.

Our core values are honesty, integrity and accountability. The founder of CMI Publishing is Bob Harris. Bob and his team treat everyone with these three values in mind. Our relationships with our readers, advertisers, contributors, and sponsors are our central focus.

Experience the Mountain Parks was launched by CMI Publishing  in the summer of 2005, as a complimentary “spin off” from the Parks Canada Mountain Guide – a project we helped develop from 1997 – 2005.

500,000 copies of the first edition of our visitors’ guide to the mountain parks of western Canada came off the press in the spring of 2006. It was designed as a lure piece to entice readers to come to the mountain parks, as well as a companion guide for those travellers enroute and/or already visiting the region.

Experience the Mountain Parks is our flagship, but not our only publication. All of our map projects and guides are designed to enrich the visitors’ experience within the provincial and national parks and throughout the region. We strive to create user-friendly publications and on-line tools that promote good stewardship of these lands and the environment here in western Canada.

Our guides feature large legible maps of the national and provincial parks as well as several of the town sites in the region. Discover the many attractions and points of interest in the mountain parks today, while we share with you rich stories of the men and women that shaped mountain culture over the past two centuries. Lean on our publications as your personal guides when you are in the region, or use them as valuable planning tools in your car or the comfort of your own home.

Our printed maps and magazines are great but if you want even more, check out our web site at www.ExperienceMountainParks.ca. Here you will find digital copies of each of our first five magazines as well as an online room reservation system, even more stunning images, classified ads, web cams, 200 videos and much much more.

And be sure to enter our contests, especially our annual reader photo contest for great prizes including holiday getaways, digital camera outfits, tee shirts, prints, etc.