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Chattan Holdings

Chattan Holdings acts as a liason between investors and potential investment opportunities in the Southeastern region of British Columbia.

Specializing in hospitality and real estate industry investments, Douglas consults with investors, borrowers and tourism operators in the development of tourism possibilities.

Chattan Holdings has taken its name from the “Clan Chattan”. An organization unique in the history of the Scottish Highlands, a powerful grouping of individual clans that flourished from the 13th century, one of which is Clan Mackintosh. The Clan motto is “Touch not the cat without a glove”.

Douglas has been involved in the Tourism Industry in the Windermere Valley and other areas for approximately thirty-five years starting with Radium Hot Springs Lodge and the building and operation of Radium Hot Springs Resort and its Best Western Franchise.

Currently he is the Managing-Director of Lake Windermere Pointe, the owner of a restaurant and investor in pubs in the Windermere Valley, and President of The Radium Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce/Tourism Radium.