Meditation for Everyone

  • Sat November 24, 2018 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Pleiades Spa and Wellness Centre
Meditation for everyone
with Dave Downing and Leonie Hatton
November 24 2018, 8am-10am

(yes, it’s early, but quiet before the pool opens at 10. You can sleep through class if you like. Please show up about 10 minutes early so we can start on time )
Meditation has been getting a lot of attention lately as a tool that we can use to reduce stress, deal with
health issues, improve our clarity and focus and attain spiritual growth. It’s hardly news; spiritual leaders
from many different traditions have been saying this for thousands of years.
What is meditation, anyway? It’s an approach that gives us access to a higher energy form of thought
attained through mental focus. In the same way that a laser differs from a light bulb in its focus and
energy, so meditation differs from our ordinary mental states of dreaming, waking and sleeping and can
reveal insights and intuition that are not normally in our waking awareness. There are many paths up the
mountain; Dave has been studying and practicing yoga and meditation under the guidance of the
Himalayan Tradition for about 20 years and looks forward to sharing his experiences from that pathway with
Dave will lead you through a coordinated approach to body awareness, breath awareness and concentration
on sounds. These are the basis of the Himalayan Tradition approach and will help to develop our focus.
We’ll explore approaches to meditation through gentle yoga poses, breathing exercises and relaxation.
Many people find that live music and chanting are a great aid to focusing the mind, and Leonie Hatton is
looking forward to providing that experience for you.

*No experience with either yoga or meditation are required.
Location: Pleiades Spa and Wellness
$39/person, maximum 10 registrants.
• Includes class, access to the Radium Hot Springs and spa access: private hot spring hot tub,
aromatherapy infused steam room, private change rooms, robes, towels, sandals.
• There is also 15% off the spa menu for participants.
• To make a reservation, you can connect with us at 250-347-2288.

For the day of the workshop: Get a good night’s sleep prior to the workshop and eat a light breakfast; if
you can, avoid caffeinated drinks until after class. There will be some folding chairs provided for you to sit
on if you choose. If you have a yoga mat, please bring it (there are a few available at the spa) and a
cushion to sit on for seated meditation if you want to try that. For the lying-down relaxation exercises,
bring a blanket to lie on and another to cover yourself and a thin pillow for under your head; the floor is a
hard surface and being comfortable makes relaxation easier to do.

*Dave was an ecologist in his past life and now devotes more time to self-study in the Himalayan Tradition.
He’s learned that approaches to self-knowledge and growth are different for everybody and at least for him
it’s been a long and interrupted journey with persistence and patience as necessary companions… but it’s a
road worth traveling and sharing experiences is an important part of the trip.