Inner Critic to Inner Coach - Complimentary Live Event with Best Selling Author Suze Casey

  • Tue September 27, 2016 12:00 AM

How do you keep yourself solid when the rug is being pulled out from underneath you? Are you scared? Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Angry?
You may have every right to feel that way, but it will not bring you what you truly desire.
Or you may be ready to bust out of that old rut – but you aren’t sure what direction to head…
Join me for a complimentary evening of exploring how Belief Re-patterning will support you in getting your “best self” to emerge so you are able to create the life you aspire to live instead of the one someone else decided on…or you bought into.
Flipping the switch on that Inner Critic is what we are all about. Transform those painful experiences and challenges into stepping stones on the path to what you really want out of life. Together we will awaken and unleash your personal power, allowing you to create a more satisfying life and fulfill new possibilities.
If you want to stay stuck in your rut, and firmly in the victim place – DON’T COME to this transformational evening!
For those who are ready to change the course of “the way things have been” and make a significant, powerful and lasting shift, I will be offering an amazing opportunity to participants in the evening. I am committed to creating a kinder, more positive world. Join me…let it begin now!
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