Marketing Partner Program

Marketing Partner Program

Calling all tourism related businesses in the Village of Radium! Work with Tourism Radium to elevate your business.

Do you want to reach more travellers on regional and national levels? Are you looking for more visibility for your business? Tourism Radium is keen to collaborate with YOUR business!

Tourism Radium provides a varied mix of marketing opportunities, including advertising, hosting travel media & influencers, collaborative marketing, co-operative photo and video capture, social media collaborations, sponsorships, event support, and more. Our aim is to support and amplify the amazing tourism products in the Village of Radium from accommodators, food & beverage operators, activity providers, retail, and more. The new Marketing Partner Program will allow for Tourism Radium to better support our Tourism operators for our shared success!

We are dedicated to collaborating with you and enhancing your ability to promote and attract visitors to Radium Hot Springs.

Note that memberships will run annually; for 2024 memberships will begin on June 1 with a prorated annual fee of $100. If you have any queries or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Click here to download our Marketing Partner Program PDF for more information.

Why Partner with Tourism Radium?

Reach more travellers by leveraging Tourism Radium’s generous reach through a variety of platforms.

Tourism Radium has seen a 10% growth on Instagram and 15% growth on Facebook just last year in 2023, proving our ability to attract a larger audience. Social media platforms also experienced a significant increase in reach, with a +42.3% increase on Instagram and a +244.8% increase on Facebook. Additionally, our website is a go-to resource for everything Radium, with over 333K annual page visits and over 246K annual users.

The Radium Visitor Centre is always bustling with over 58,000 visitors seeking information and adventure. Partnering with Tourism Radium ensures that your message reaches a dedicated audience, as we have over 4,900 email subscribers eagerly awaiting updates and promotions. Our media presence is also noteworthy – last year, we received over 35 mentions in the media and hosted 24 media to experience Radium firsthand.

By partnering with Tourism Radium, businesses can benefit from our reach, expertise and network to help you succeed in the tourism industry.